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The Wilson Tour Stringing Team and Baiardo stringing machine will be hard at work during the 2010 US Open. Located in Arthur Ashe Stadium, the team and 16 Baiardo's will be working furiously to service the competitors needs. Follow all of the action by visiting the "Tour" section of the Baiardo web site.



The Wilson Stringing Team specializes in speed and accuracy during all string jobs, especially when a player on-court requests a string job right away. Copy and paste the link below to the see the team in action:


Baiardo Usage on the Rise in USA

[Chicago] - Wilson Baiardo was first introduced in late 2008 to across the world, quickly earning the respect of stringers and players alike. Baiardo can now be found in speciality shops, pro shops, country clubs, national retailers, and on college campuses. Professional players have quickly adopted the quality and consistenty Baiardo. They look forward to having their racquets strung by the Wilson Stringing Team at events like the US Open, Australian Open, and Sony Ericcson Open. Below is a list of USA dealers who made the switch to Baiardo in 2010.


RSI Touts the Many Strengths of Baiardo in Recent Review

The most recent issue of Racquet Sports Industry contains a review of Baiardo that was too large to fit in one issue! The outstanding review can found in the current RSI magazine and the full review can be found online. The RSI review team concluded that Wilson has "developed a unique machine that does so many things no stringing machine has ever done before."